What you can do with GLK landing gear!

by Kim Mongryong on March 27, 2020

What you can do with GLK landing gear!

There are many cases when you need more convenience driving.
Check what situation you most sympathy.

And experience GLK Landing gear!

• When you wait for the light signal on the crossway,

There are a lot of signal when you drive in the city.

With GLK landing gear, you don’t need to keep your feet on the ground continuously.

• When you drive through an alleyway,

Motorcycle can not pick up the speed on a narrow alley, so it is hard to keep balance.

With GLK landing gear, the thing you have to worry about is not balancing,

but catching a direction.

• When you have a fellow passenger on your back seat,

If more than two people are on the motorcycle, balancing the bike is even more difficult.

With GLK landing gear, you can feel like no one disturbs your driving.

• When you have to draw a bike by yourself,

Sometimes your bike is trapped by an other objects on the parking area. In this case, you should draw the motorcycle to get out of the area.

With GLK landing gear, it will be easy to move without worry about a crash accident.

• When you reverse a motorcycle,

When reversing, you have to focus on balancing the bike, other surrounding situation, and security of sight. There are many things to care about.

With GLK landing gear, you can concentrate on other external factors to prevent accident.

• When you take a short break during driving,

You need a rest at times while a long tour.

With GLK landing gear, have a comfortable break sitting on your bike.



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